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Welcome to Jireh Latin American Ministry

Thank you for visiting Jireh Latin American Ministry. We greatly appreciate your interest in our work of evangelism, medical missions, education, and attention to the physical needs at various locations in the world.

We are a non-profit Christian group organized for the purpose of promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ as written in the Holy Bible, evangelizing those who will believe and encouraging them in their faith through the teaching and application of God's Word.

Join us in our efforts to provide hope to those who despair spiritually and physically.

Preaching and teaching.

Mission trips of 1-4 weeks are coordinated with resident evangelists and missionaries. Teaching and preaching methods vary depending on the location and the personnel available. The Gospel is shared at medical clinics, through media such as the "Jesus" film in the local language, and in evangelistic preaching. Materials and instruction are provided for children's Bible Schools. All subjects of teaching and evangelism are within the confines of the doctrines and teachings contained in the Holy Bible. with the objective of evangelism and to encourage the development of individuals in the Christian Faith.

Humanitarian Aid

Mission trips include conducting one-day medical clinics at various locations in the country being visited. The JLAM volunteers, which include medical professionals, travel to appointed locations examining many individuals, and distributing medicines and eye glasses provided by the teams. Projects for repairs to churches, parsonages, and missionaries homes are within the scope of assistance of JLAM. Building materials are purchased locally using donated funds, and local craftsmen are used along with mission team volunteers for the construction projects.

Disaster Relief

JLAM volunteers travel to domestic and foreign regions affected by disasters such as hurricane Katrina. JLAM works with disaster relief agencies to provide daytime labor. Bible study sessions are conducted at night.

MATT 28:19

We at JLAM believe that no one should be left behind without hearing the good news of our Savior.